Business Advisory

Choosing The Right Business Structure

Starting a business is a very exciting time, as business owners ourselves we know the importance of starting out in the best possible way.

The business structure is of paramount importance, one part of this can relate to the choice of whether or not to set up a Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Sole Trader, or Partnership. 

Another big decision when setting up relates to whether the company will be an employer. We can work with you to advise on what structures work for you both in the short and longer term of the business.

Business Growth

Our partners have years of experience working with many different companies. Close, face to face interaction with our clients means that we have seen at first hand the beneficial effects of many different business decisions.

Our aim is to help all our clients grow by passing on the benefits of those experiences, linking our clients up with good opportunities and readying client businesses for the next stage of their growth.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Most of our clients are achieving their aims through organic growth but there are times when businesses can experience substantial strategic gains from making acquisitions. Our team are experienced in establishing the value of businesses.

By working closely with clients we can target our Due Diligence work to ensure that management are given the most appropriate information on which to make purchasing or group decisions.

Additionally we work with existing group structures to reorganise them and ensure that they are constantly working in harmony to achieve the aims of management and shareholders.

Exit Strategy

You may feel that your time running and growing your business is drawing to a close.

You may even feel that you are starting your new business to sell it in a few years time.

It’s never too early to start planning for the future and there may be important adjustments needed to ensure that you get the exit you are seeking, whether that comes in the form of a trade sale, members of the family taking over, or a management buy out (among other possibilities).

Our team's experience in dealing with business sales and purchases over a number of years means that we are well placed to advise in the years leading up to a sale.

Strategic Planning

One of the areas that marks a successful businesses out from the crowd relates to their strategic planning. Having a clear plan for the future means that the business has goals and plans for how to achieve those goals.

A Business Plan is normally seen as a starting point for a business but we believe this is more than a one off project, we can work with you to ensure the business plan put in place is robust and achievable.

We can then assist you in providing independent thinking to ensure you stay on track and update the progress of the business.

Business Consultancy

Our Business Consultancy Services pull together all this experience at Sadler Talbot and more, to deliver advice tailored to our clients specific requirements.  Helping clients deal with those challenging issues, (not just limited to the financial arena) that hold them back or cause stress and undue time commitment is all part of the service.

Our work together propels our clients towards growth, sustainability and their goals.

By interacting with your business on a  regular basis we  establish the processes and systems that build your businesses future.

Our qualified staff are available to take on project based work which can be delivered in clear timescales to ensure that your business is able to move forward without losing impetus.

Bridging that gap between Accountant and trusted advisor is a fundamental key to our success.  we pride ourselves on the relationships we build and the value this adds.


Providing the direction that leads to growth.

"Sam and her team have acted as trusted advisers since 1999 "
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