New apprenticeships launched

The Skills Minister, Nick Boles has announced new plans that will see the creation of 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020. This will be aided by new moves that will see the term 'apprenticeship' enshrined by law through the Enterprise Bill. The Enterprise Bill is expected to be introduced to Parliament in the Autumn and will see an increase in the number of apprenticeships offered in both the public and private sector.

The new legislation will also give Government the power to take action when the term ‘apprenticeship’ is misused to promote poorly run courses and public bodies will be set specific targets to offer more apprenticeships to young people across the country. The moves are intended to ensure that apprenticeships are recognised as a career path equal to higher education.

Skills Minister Nick Boles said:

'If university graduates have their moment in the sun so should people who undertake apprenticeships. Businesses know their value so it’s high time they were recognised both by the public and in law as being equal to degrees. We want far more employers to get involved in apprenticeships. This means making sure that we practise what we preach in Government, so we’re going to require all public sector bodies – schools, hospitals, prisons and police forces – to employ apprentices.'

This measure was one of the cornerstone policies of the Conservative election campaign. The Enterprise Bill was announced in the Queen’s speech on 27 May 2015 and also includes measures to:

  • reduce red tape by £10bn over 5 years
  • establish the Small Business Conciliation Service to resolve disputes between businesses especially in relation to late payment
  • modernise the business rates system
  • end six figure payoffs for the best paid public sector workers.

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